Save Our Food

a universal initiative for
food sovereignty and
earth stewardship

This is a call for all freedom loving souls to come together in the spirit of reciprocity to heal our relationship with the Earth and sow the seeds of food sovereignty for the next generations to come.

With our campaigns and content we wish to raise awareness on the vital importance of regenerative agricultural systems, self-sufficient communities and food that is easily accessible, local and natural. 



We see what is happening in The Netherlands and how the Dutch farmers are forced to rise up as their national agriculture is under attack.

We see how the price of fuel, fertilisers and energy are sky rocketing all over the world. We see the grocery stores selling more and more imported, processed, and low quality food. We see how heirloom seeds are being replaced by genetically modified organisms. We see how countless farms are forced to shut down and how private land ownership is being made ever more difficult. 

We see all this, and we see this is not natural. The pending worldwide food crisis and agricultural collapse is caused through inhumane government regulations and corporate takeover. 

We support entrepreneurship and co-operation, and if our access to local food and farmers is being made impossible, we will bypass the destructive regulations and create our own farmer and animal friendly food systems and markets.

We challenge you to show the world that 

we have land, we have farmers, 

we have networks, 

and we will collaborate! 

join our Universal Action
for food sovereignty!

Five Steps To Food Sovereignty


Starting from the 22nd of July 2022, we are sparking up a campaign to overcome the fear around food scarcity and agricultural collapse. To move from worrying to co-creating, we must first dissolve the desperation and paralysation caused by fear mongering.

Let’s flood the Internet with solutions for food sovereignty! 

Let’s show the world that there is another way!

Join us in this action by creating visual statements and inspiring content with your local farmers, your own backyard gardens, community food forests or your local farmer’s market, including the message “Save Our Food” and share it on your social media platforms with the hashtag #saveourfood.



With these eight easy steps you can transform your lawn into a food forest:

Top 10 Reasons to grow food instead of lawns:

we all have the right to:
Affordably feed our families
Access natural food grown by local farmers

Grow our own food

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Do you appreciate local food?

Do you grow your own food?

Are you a farmer?

Join our action!

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